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Our Aim: To provide you with the fundamental principles of buying and selling a home and the tools and information you'll need to be a savvy consumer in today's real estate market in Oakville.
  • to demystify the process of buying and selling a home.

  • to provide you with the market data and tools that you need 

  • to make your information gathering as easy and efficient as possible.

  • to provide you with the market knowledge you need to be move through the steps of buying and selling as comfortably and confidently as possible.

  • to display our homes and to provide a colourful sketchbook of Oakville life as well as information on the town and it’s neighbourhoods, for both residents and visitors.
If you understand how things work, you can make good judgments and sound decisions.
The Internet enables us to take our service to you, to the next level.


Are we ready to move? | Information gathering | Buy or Sell First? | How to get top dollar! | Power of accurate pricing | Setting the price | Setting the stage | Selling privately | Choosing an agent | Commissions | The diligent agent | On being an 'expiry' | Return on renovation


"Because our homes are so important to our daily quality of life and  because  a sound real estate investment is key to a family's financial future, to me, helping  people buy and sell homes is a very big responsibility. It would be a privilege to help you"   Carol Jones

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